Wednesday, May 11, 2011


8-5-2011 Sunday 

Today will work overtime, sold out one set of drum today, going to setup at customer house.

Have friend request some dogs as his guard dogs in fruit farm, the dogs won't be so pity to tie there, they will have their freedom, and work for human as guard dogs, actually I feel very hard to adopt so many dogs as so many outsider keep on spoil my dogs, so I had to give me lovely pets to other, hope them will have a better life there.

Three dogs was transfer hundred of kilometer by car, they vomit and drooling on the car.

The journey was not so long but the time taken seen to be so long.

Don't know weather they know that they going to have a new master?

When we leave them to new place, they no eating at all although they given with the favorite foods, they just keep seeing us until we leave, curiously. seen like asking "why you leave me here one, where you going?".
當我們把它們放在新地方時,我們給它們最愛吃的也不吃,一直很好奇地看著我們直到我們離開,好像在問,"為什麼留我在這裡的? 你們要去哪裡啊? "

Good bye, ZaiZai, BiBi, Alv
good bye 宅仔,美美,阿女

宅仔 ZaiZai

美美 BiBi


How deep you love the things or persons, or how hate the person is, in the end of the day, they going to leave you, or you going to leave them one day.  Everyone had their own destinations. Meeting to each other is a faith.  That is nothing will last forever and eternal.  It is a life.

Busy non-stop for a few weeks already.

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