Tuesday, May 24, 2011


23-5-2011 Monday 

Plan to go for the GuQin Class, it is Chinese Instruments.

6 dishes for RM4

Ngiam Chee Jieh 的相片 - 「牆上相片

Hope to bring back one GuQin.

Depart on 6pm from section 17, to Kepong, due to don't know the road, loss, malfunction of GPS, drive to Segamut, arrive the school on 8 something, it make me going crazy.  Fortunately the teacher still waiting me, really feel sorry. 
六点出门从十七区去甲洞,不懂路+迷路+GPS失灵+尿急+肚子饿,去到Segamut..., 八点多才到,驾车驾到我快要发狂。幸好老师还有在,我真是很不好意思。

Recently I sat with wrong posture, it hurt my back, have to learn how to sit with knelt style.

Something I even try to sleep with knelt style, with hanfu, I can't sleep without blanket.

Feel so sorry to my friends to make you guys waiting., the post which I promise to post about keep hair one still in progress, I try my best to finish it, Good night.

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