Thursday, May 5, 2011

合艾最後一天 (Eng/Chi)

Hatyai Last Day
29-4-2011 Friday

Today we wait the driver at hotel's lobby as told by driver after packing, the time we said is 9am, don't know what is the reasons, both of us didn't see any driver until 10am, we were repeat reading a same newspaper for a few times. 

Today morning, huge rain, in the suddenly.

There is a Labour Day, it is public holiday in Malaysia, the hotel is full of tourists.   I call the driver for a few times only I found he find another one to fetch us, and he said that driver can't find us.  We are very nervous and rush due to we gotta go back Kuala Lumpur later, that driver arrange another driver to fetch us, the van will depart on 12noon, the Thai batt on our hand is too little now, we never expect we gotta eat another proper meal here.

The Diver come on 1210, we now waiting him in front of the hotel's main door.  After a few street, he stop us at one of the travel agent place to check all of our passport, after that, we continue our journey, but in the several minutes, he stop again, and want us to change to another van, perhaps his car was spoiled.

After one and the half  hour later, we arrive custom of Thailand, everything going smooth, a few minute later, we arrive at the Malaysia custom there have a lots of Thai, I guess there also coming Malaysia for travel, we can use auto gate with Malaysia passport, who knows there is one Thai on our van, she queue there for the manual check in.

After the custom only I open my cell phone, my father called me to tell me that the bus of Kuala Lumpur express is fully booked, only have the 430pm bus ticket are still available, the times now is Malaysia time two somethings, we are quite anxious.

The day was dark on the way, finally we still can't make up time for the 430pm bus, so need to request my father to change to another bus, only non-express bus available now which is 40 seats passengers one.

When we came back from Kuala Lumpur, my mom persist to take my cloths to wash, so we have more luggage.

Thank my family arrange all to me only we had a good journey.

The bus depart on 6pm plus.

Mum prepared very nice food for us.

We watch Predator on the bus, the sound system on bus have problem, sometimes got sound, sometimes not.

There were a lots of car travel from south to north, everyone going back to hometown to meet family.

Bus stop for meal and rest, it delay the arrival time.

We arrive home on 1130pm, and there are a lots of thing we need to clean.

Spend more than 10 hours on the car, feel so dizzy! Tomorrow still need to work.

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