Wednesday, May 25, 2011


24-5-2011 Tuesday 

Weeded the grass yesterday, today only free to clean it.

Someone put all his kitchen stuff, such as Soy sauce, pepper, salt into his own room, and his plate and spoon also, last few weeks he bring in his own shampoo and body foam into room also, recently he upgraded, he "dry" his clothes after taken out from washing machine inside his room.  I think he is going crazy.

If you want to have own Hanfu, don't know how to choose, how don't what to choose, or perhaps you don't know which hanfu is suit for you, or which type of clothes suit for Malaysia's weather, you can ask me anytime, I did some research on male and female hanfu as well, I hope I can help you.



My house empty slots were filled, thank all housemate, hope all of us live with harmony, with young sisters and brothers.

A lots of parents requested me to take care of their son and daughter, suddenly feel myself become manager of hostel, or some kind of school master person...
Parent: XXX, if my son and daughter got something, I will find you.
I : oh...o....k..
父母:XXX, 我兒/女有什麽事我找你啊。。。


兰州新人举行汉服周制婚礼 三拜九叩结发执手(组图)


Beautiful traditional Hanfu clothes

《秘雲舘》 Into the Hidden Clouds

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