Wednesday, May 4, 2011

合艾第三天 (Eng/Chi)

Hatyai Third Day
 28-4-2011 Thursday

Today tour still unplanned until we wake so late today, 11am only we start to go out, asking TukTuk driver where to go.  We still have Sleeping Buddha Temple, Ice Dome, Stand Buddha Temple not yet "conquers". 

When we walking around we found Chinese Class.

The weather is totally hot.

Green curry. 

TukTuk car send us to Sleeping Buddha Temple, Ice Dome, Stand Buddha Temple  for 600batt.  The fee is cheap, but it's very hot on the car, you sure able to feel how hot is the Thailand on the car, the photo taken on 12noon.

We arrive sleeping Buddha Temple on 1230pm,  There is a place for bone ash for who was pass away.  There is a place for people to have Buddhism etiquette of funeral here.

With Fifteen minute of journey, we arrive next station, Ice Dome, the ticket is 300batt each person.  The number of tourist go in is limited at once, and the time of each time is only 30 minutes.

Before go in, there is a short briefing in Thai language, they said we gonna open our electronic device before go in, such as Camera and cell phone, the temperature inside is negative fifteen, for sure, they will provide a jacket and Glove.  Although I wear long pants and boot, I still feel very cold inside,  I feel a bit regret of didn't put on my own jacket as second cloth.  QingEr wear short, she suffer like hell inside.

Don't even think 30 minutes is too short, we feel so suffer and rush out one, before go out, we been told to switch off our device.  There is a small cafe at the exit, we spend 10batt for two cup of the greatest Hot Chinese tea on the earth. 

There is a old school fun fair beside ice doom, This fun fair is very rare in Malaysia already, 20batt for one games.

There is a statue nearby, don't know who is this.

Within 10 minutes, we arrive stand Buddha Temple, at first, we thought TukTuk car unable to drive up.  The statue was under going renovation, so we can't see the how is the real view of statue is.

Below of the Statue, there is a small temple, and there is a very mercy look Buddha statue.

We back hotel for rest on 330pm.

7pm, we are wake up from sleeping for the dinner.

After dinner, we go to Thai massage again, due to we listen someone said that the one can't go massage straight away after meal, we wait until 830pm only we go to the shop, there were a lots customers, QingEr don't want to start massage unless we both can start together, so we wait about half an hour there.

After massage, we actually planned go back hotel to end the last night of trip in Hatyai, on the road, the female driver asked us weather want to see simple sexy show or not, 300batt for each person with 1 drink.  The fee of journey is only 10batt each person.
按摩過後,原本我們想直接回酒店休息結束合艾的最後一個晚上旅程,突然有個女人突突車司機問我們要不要去看Simple Sexy Show,簡單性感表演,說是泰銖三百塊一人擺了。車費則是一人泰銖十塊。

The show is inside of this pub, there is a disco beside, the show here is more "nonviolent" as compare to Thai Girl show, although it is really sexy, but they are not naked (with nipple covered).  You can see how the show girl earn their money for survive, and how the men "choose" a girl for their drink partner.  There was a live band in between of the show, the band perform in English songs, Chinese songs, Cantonese song, they even performed Beyond's SuiYueWuSheng, TongHua, AiWoBieZou.

We see the show until very late midnight, the fee of TukTuk car when we coming back is the same, there are some hocker stall still doing their business to serve tourists for their supper.

After packing,  we going sleep peacefully. 

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